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The mission of Houston Stereotactic Concepts is to improve stereotactic surgical techniques by developing and
incorporating new, imaginative, and clinically relevant technology to the field of stereotactic neurosurgery, and to
extend such techniques beyond the field of neurosurgery.

Such technology has provided improved treatments for many neurosurgical problems, such as brain tumor, movement
disorders, or minimally invasive operations, many of which are based on state of the art computer guidance surgical
systems. Image guided neurosurgical procedures are taken to the next level of sophistication by applying in real time
computerized and virtual reality in the operating room.  Similar techniques are being used to enhance other fields of surgery,
such as cosmetic surgery, cardiac surgery, and robotic surgery in general.  The same approach to innovation is also used
for innovation in other, non-surgical fields, as well.

Dr. Gildenberg, through Houston Stereotactic Concepts, Inc., has developed technology involving image guided
neurosurgery, robotic surgery, and computerized stereotactic techniques, and has been awarded patents for (1)
measurement of cerebral blood flow by computerized tomography, (2) method and apparatus for interrelating the positions
of a stereotactic headring and stereoadapter apparatus, (3) noninvasive stereotactic apparatus and method for relating data
between medical devices, (4) system for concurrent video and reconstructive surgical views (Videotactic surgery), (5)
method and apparatus for stereotactic robotic hair transplantation, and (6) audible feedback from positional guidance
systems for image guided surgery (Audiotactic surgery).

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